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Mar 20, 2017 | Blog Paper | Health Care

Obamacare Replacement Could Save $2 Trillion Over Two Decades

Update (3/21/2017): These numbers are relevant for the original version of the American Health Care Act. An amended version was released on March 20...


Mar 17, 2017 | Blog Paper Press Release

MacGuineas Explains the President's "Skinny Budget" and the Debt Ceiling on NBC and Fox

CRFB President Maya MacGuineas appeared on NBC and Fox News yesterday to discuss President Trump's new "skinny budget" and the debt limit. On...

Statement on Trump's Skinny Budget

President Trump’s administration released its “skinny” budget today with a plan to release further details in the coming months....

Update: The Cost of Rising Interest Rates

Over the next decade, interest payments on the debt are projected to be the fastest growing part of the federal budget. Last year, the federal...

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